GRAND CREW (2021-)

GRAND CREW is a Black ensemble hangout show that delightfully evokes HAPPY ENDINGS about a group of drinking buddies that is also an absolute joke-machine that also emotionally hits hard! The performers are perfect, the cinematography is immaculate, and it’s amazingly timed. It is absolutely delightful but I was honestly shocked that it received a second season because, apart from myself, I know of no one who watched the first season and heard absolutely no one talk about it. Please, if you know me: remedy that. It’s a lot of fun! It has escalated to the phase where I am knee-slapping and have to muffle my laughter to keep from waking up those around me.

A few choice quotes:

“Woo, that text got ass!”

“Stupid face, always snitching on me.”

“I just don’t think she’s as young as she says she is! Why does she drink so much Ovaltine?!”

“Damn, why’d we have to do this at 10am?”

“It’s 3pm.”

“Damn, that’s late.”