First, a disclaimer: all streaming options were valid at the time these posts were initially published, but may now be out-of-date.

My name is Glenn Turner and MEDIACLATURE started as a pandemic daily media recommendations newsletter — RECOMMENDATIONS FOR IDLING DURING THE END OF THE WORLD — that ran for roughly a year. I realized I’d sorely missed writing about media, kicking my thoughts on works out of my head, and decided to keep it going, but in a less intrusive inbox manner.

Whereas RECOMMENDATIONS FOR IDLING was purely about boosting film, TV, and visual short form works, and my prior site THE NEW GAMER was comprised of a collective writing about videogames in experimental ways, MEDIACLATURE is more media-agnostic and includes pieces scrutinizing novels and other non-film/tv works.

I can be contacted at mediaclature@peccaui.com and, while I’m on Twitter, I mostly lurk.