I’ve been a huge fan of Julia Wertz since her illustriously named THE FART PARTY webcomic days. She’s been extremely honest and forthright about her life but always with a cavalier, comedic edge. (She supplies the best sort of comedy: the kind that makes you laugh but also wince.)

While Wertz is amazing at personal and often cutting cartoons, she’s astounding at drawing architecture and landmarks. She’s brilliant that way: knowing when something should be mostly undefined, but supremely capable of finely detailing works she appreciates and loves.

TENEMENTS, TOWERS & TRASH is her visual recounting of New York City, the New York City she’s witnessed and watched change. I took a copy of it with me the last time I visited NYC, because I wanted to seek out some of these haunts, despite the fact that more than a few I’d already been to, and while I didn’t get to nearly half the places I would have liked to, it was a comforting work to have with me, despite how bulky it was!

It’s a very personal take on an often overwhelming locale, and comics/graphic novels/illustrated works/etc. such as hers are the best tour guide you’ll get, at least apart from a long-lived local.

You can purchase it via any of the links featured here.

It’s worth noting that Wertz has a new work out: IMPOSSIBLE PEOPLE: A COMPLETELY AVERAGE RECOVERY STORY. I’m sure I’ll be writing about it soon and am positive it’s worth your time!