This Sunday’s repost is LIZZIE: THE MUSICAL! I can count the number of off-Broadway musicals I know by heart on one finger, and on that one finger? That’s LIZZIE, THE MUSICAL.

This musical — centered around Lizzie Borden, who had an axe and gave her mother forty whacks — is goth as fuck, goddamn pitch-black, and outrageously, outstandingly feminist and I am absolutely fucking here for it.

There’s a fair amount of smutty language so, uh, good luck seeing a high school production of it (although more schools should produce it! Even if they have to tone down the language!) but keep your eyes out for a local production!


Stumbled a bit and have to repost a prior horror entry, the very dark horror/comedy videogame AFTERPARTY. Two besties die and go to Hell and attempt to escape via a number of drinking contests.

It’s a lot of fun, but for perhaps for its content it was overlooked, even though the studio’s prior effort — OXENFREE — was a critical and commercial success.

If you’re looking for something spooky with laughs and lots of booze, you can’t do better than this.