My wife and I danced to this mix at our wedding. There’s something about the length that gives one abandon, freedom to physically enact, which to me is totally what “Pistolero” encapsulates, and we absolutely wanted that.

It helps that it hits every fucking sense in my body. I just want to dance and feel the beats cascade over me and smile, which is what JUNO REACTOR is absolutely perfect at providing. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it one more time: every version of this song makes me glow.


JUNO REACTOR’s “Pistolero”, initially released via their album “Shango”, is permanently stuck on a loop in my head. I love electro music and spaghetti westerns and when I was a DJ I would find any excuse to play any mix of this song. I would routinely throw myself around whenever others would play it, and it was a centerpiece for our wedding reception, which I’m not exactly proud of, but we are who we are, and we danced our asses off to it.

So, welcome to “Pistolero” week.

I hate robbing banks.