THE TING-TINGS – -That’s Not My Name- (2008)

For most of my life I went by a different name for weird reasons that were not my own. There was always a lot of confusion — it took me forever to finally pivot to the easiest solution and, truth be told, I’m not completely happy with it! It does not help that the name I go by is constantly misspelled. (I’ve harped on the Glenn-with-two-ns in the past!)

I realize that isn’t exactly the point of the song, but damn, I identify with it too much.

I fucking love this song, not just because of that though. It has a brilliant build-up; it absolutely glows and gives comfort! It’s so much fun, especially with all of the blonde and caps and bangs and primary colors and percussive naught-looks! It also has a confidence that I can’t help but allude to. Stupidly, while I’m far too old for this sort of thing, it’s 100% a song I’d bounce on my bed to.

“I miss the catch if they throw me the ball! I’m the last chick standing up against the wall!”

My favorite part of this video is how breathless it is at the end. I can never get enough of folks exhausting themselves.