Halloween 2021 Programming: CONTEMPORARY

One of the few gifts 2021 has given us is a three-day Halloween weekend. My wife and I have a tradition where I draft up a selection of horror films for Halloween viewing, and she picks one from each group: Contemporary, Classic, and Cult.

I thought I’d share my suggestions this year. Granted, I’ve written about more than a few of them before, but come on, it’s goth Christmas and while I love writing about film, this weekend is definitely a time to lean in on prior work:


This was a prior recommendation, and I’m repeating it.

“The story of two teen murderesses and the trials of their friendship. Riffs on all of the great teen horror films — probably the most quotable teen horror film I’ve seen in years (it’s been endlessly compared to HEATHERS (1989)) — but still manages to be something completely different, while also being emotionally satisfying.”

There are a ton of lines in it that, if I’d seen this as a teen or college youth, would be in-jokes with all of my friends.

As in the prior recommendation notes, I’d highly suggest skipping the trailer, but just leaving it here in case:

12 HOUR SHIFT (2020)

A nasty, rollickingly fun ride detailing a nurse/organ trafficker’s one especially terrible night shift. It’s penned and directed by Brea Grant, who I’m a huge fan of.

CENSOR (2021)

“[An] extremely mannered film until, well, until it isn’t. Stick with it and it will fuck you up. […] It’s a film tailor-made for over-scrutiny, and it’ll be a very long time before I forget the ending.”

Tomorrow: CULT!