[Findlay] (YouTube) Back in November, I recommended a show called GOOD BEHAVIOR. One facet I didn’t touch on was how amazing the music supervision on the show was*: both seasons were perfectly programmed and introduced me to a litany of acts I’d never heard before, including solo electronic artist Findlay.

The music video for Findlay’s ELECTRIC BONES — directed by Sasha Rainbow — is a vibrant, peculiar POV piece that follows the artist singing through the streets of Paris, selectively pixelating anything that — presumptuously — is considered offensive from the POV, while also incorporating other forms of compression artifacts/glitch art as transitionary devices.

I’m not going to say this video was revolutionary — the practically unplayable video game KANE & LYNCH 2 utilized a similar technique by assuming the POV was a player with a terrible digicam, and anything too violent/sexual often was reduced to a spray of pixelation — but whereas that was stylistic, meant to bend the rules, the abstraction here takes on a more multi-faceted meaning. At first, the pixelation simply blurs out explicit sex, license plates, strangers’ faces. By the end, it’s practically taken over the entire frame, including the bulk of any image that women are a part of.

[NSFW, seriously — yes, it’s pixelated but it hides very little.]

  • This is one area where Spotify truly excels at, as it allows music supervisors to post a proper playlist of songs used for an entire season of TV, unencumbered by licenses and the like, as opposed to trying to hunt and peck through reddit for source lists.

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