RUN (2020)

(Hulu) A psychological thriller about an extremely ill young woman named Chloe (newcomer Kiera Allen) suffering from a litany of medical conditions — heart arrhythmia, hemochromatosis, asthma, diabetes, and paralysis from the waist down — and her overly protective mother Diane (Sarah Paulson). Due to these ailments, Diane opted to homeschool Chloe, but Chloe’s coming of age and can’t wait to go to college and expand her engineering knowledge, nervously waiting to receive an answer to her college application.

You can probably guess where this is going, and director Aneesh Chaganty (SEARCHING (2018) who co-wrote this with Sev Ohanian (who also co-wrote SEARCHING) are aware of that, and they cut to the quick rather than make you guess. The end result is a tense, clever little genre film shot with a self-assured hand, bolstered by strong performances — as you might suspect, Paulson makes a meal out of her role — and closes on a satisfying note.