KAREN SISCO (2003-2004)

(N/A) In 1998, OUT OF SIGHT was released, directed by Steven Soderbergh and based on Elmore Leonard’s (RIP) novel of the same name, and featured Jennifer Lopez as detective Karen Sisco hunting down escaped bank robber George Clooney.

While OUT OF SIGHT is a fantastic film, perhaps one of the best film adaptations of an Elmore Leonard novel, ABC decided to pull the trigger on a Karen Sisco TV series five years later which, as you might guess, plays as an early version of JUSTIFIED, which itself was adapted from a collection of Leonard’s short stories, including FIRE IN THE HOLE. (In fact, Michael Dinner, the director of KAREN SISCO’s pilot also directed JUSTIFIED’s pilot, and he executive produced both shows.)

KAREN SISCO is extraordinarily pulpy and Carla Gugino is fantastic as Sisco, Robert Forrester (RIP) is her father, and yes, it’s basically JUSTIFIED but with a woman lead, but don’t we deserve a woman-led JUSTIFIED and all of the smartass quips and cooky cast of criminal characters that entails?

I’ll be repeating this phrase all month, but it’s a crime that this series is practically impossible to find. Only seven of the ten filmed episodes were aired on ABC. (The final ep was directed by Katheryn Bigelow!). It was never released on physical media, and isn’t available to stream anywhere — I imagine because of music rights — so get it whichever way you can.