ROGUE (2007)

(VOD/Vudu) Greg McLean followed up WOLF CREEK (2005) with this tremendously satisfying Australian giant crocodile film. As with all of McLean’s films, the characters are far more nuanced than necessary for the material, and he has a fantastic command of wringing the most tension out of a scene without making it feel cheap. For a giant creature flick, it has some surprisingly poignant moments. Sadly, this was the era of schlockier creature features, and the film never gained much traction.

It helps that the cast is full of brilliant-but-underrated performers: Michael Vartan (an oft-forgotten part of ALIAS) milks his shy eyes and perpetually concerned brow; Radha Mitchell (PITCH BLACK, SILENT HILL) plays it straight and extremely considered; a young, fresh faced Mia Wasikowska (CRIMSON PEAK, STOKER, DAMSEL); oh, and also Sam Worthington (MAN ON A LEDGE, THUNDERSTRUCK).

All of this said, it’s slightly hampered by early naughts CGI and more mansplaining than I remember, but it’s still a thrilling time.