(Hulu) Again, kind of a cheat, as technically Hulu’s INTO THE DARK is a TV series where every episode is a feature-length film. Like MASTERS OF HORROR, there are more prestigious entries in the series (I’M JUST FUCKING WITH OUT, PURE, MY VALENTINE) but, this is the only ‘sequel’ so far in the series. The original POOKA was a decent ‘cursed item’ film (especially in reflecting our new gig economy hellscape), but with POOKA LIVES!, director Nacho Vigalondo (TIMECRIMES, COLOSSAL) really maximizes the satirical potential, without minimizing the emotional bits.

Oh, and I may have buried the lede in that it’s a murderer’s row of nerdy actors: Malcolm Barrett! Lyndie Greenwood! Rachael Bloom! Felicia Day! Jonah Ray!

I’m not sure if INTO THE DARK will get a third season, but I do hope they continue with POOKA’s adventures. It’s been a while since we’ve had an original franchise that’s made it to three ‘films’.

POOKA trailer:

POOKA LIVES! trailer: