(hoopla/kanopy/Hulu/VOD) The story of two teen murderesses and the trials of their friendship. Riffs on all of the great teen horror films — probably the most quotable teen horror film I’ve seen in years (it’s been endlessly compared to HEATHERS (1989)) — but still manages to be something completely different, while also being emotionally satisfying.

I’ve said this before but, while there’s a trailer? Best not to watch it, as it gives away all of the best moments & lines. That said, it’s an endlessly re-watchable trailer.

“You’re just hitting bone, dude.” “I’m trying!”

(I know we’re all loving A24 and ANNAPURNA right now, but GUNPOWDER & SKY doesn’t get enough credit, as they’ve shipped some amazing works out into the world within the past several years. Hell, they don’t even have a proper Wikipedia page!)