(fubo/Plex/Prime/VOD) Arguably Orson Welles’ most influential noir — although not the best, as that honor belongs to TOUCH OF EVIL — in that you’ve almost certainly seen a film or TV show that has lifted from its carnival scene.*

(If you’ve watched Lindelof’s WATCHMEN mini-series, you know what I’m talking about.)

The film itself is a bit of a mess, and Welles’ absolutely ridiculous accent doesn’t help matters, but Rita Hayworth is a fantastic femme fatale — it’s worth noting that she was married to Welles at the time — as is significant character actor (and a member of Welles’ Mercury Theatre stable) Everett Sloane, and the piece is elevated by audacious visuals.

  • Fun fact: The carnival scene was originally meant to last twenty minutes. It ultimately was cut down to under four.