(hoopla/VOD) Reminds me a bit of STAY TUNED (1992, previously mentioned) in that it’s obviously meta self-indulgence by screenwriters Lawrence J. Cohen and Fred Freeman (both of whom have had an illustrious TV career, writing everything from THE DICK VAN DYKE show to EMPIRE). I’ll go out on a limb and posit that it’s their comedic answer to TWIN PEAKS.

DELIRIOUS has a few wincing moments, especially when it comes to male wish-fulfillment and the auto-shop owner, but it makes the most of John Candy’s physicality, Mariel Hemingway is extraordinarily charming, and the rest of the cast is peppered with amazing character actors, including Raymond Burr basically playing SUCCESSION’s Logan Roy, if Logan Roy was constantly frustrated by his cable box.

Not a brilliant film, but a fun 90s curio. “I can only control what I write, right?”